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India:some facts

India Map India is the name given to the vast peninsula which the continent of Asia throws out to the south of the magnificent mountain ranges that stretch in a sword like curve across the southern border of Tibet. Shaped like an irregular quadrilateral, this large expanse of territory we call India, deserves the name of a subcontinent. Ancient Geographers referred to India as being “constituted with a four-fold conformation” (chatuh samasthana samsthitam), “on its South and West and East is the Great Ocean, the Himavat range stretches along its north like the string of a bow”. The name Himavat in the above passage refers not only to the snow-capped ranges of the Himalayas but also to their less elevated offshoots – the Patkai, Lushai and Chittagong Hills in the east, and the Sulaiman and Kirthar ranges in the west. These go down to the Sea and separate India from the wooded valley of Irrawady, on the one hand, and the hilly tableland of Iran, on the other. The Himalayas standing tall in breathtaking splendour are radiant in myth and mystery. These, the youngest and tallest mountain ranges, feed the Ganga with never-ending streams of snow. The Himalayas are home to the people of Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. Indians love these peaks because they are a part of every Indian’s life. Indians revere the mountains, as they would, the father. Even today, when urban India is racing against time, in the caves of the snow-clad peaks, live hermits – seeking the divine. Not a surprise when you consider that even this century has seen some great philosophers like Ramana Maharishi, Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramhansa and J. Krishnamurti. Official Name:  Bharat, also known as Republic of India  Major Religions:  Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism Capital: New Delhi  Number of States and Union Territories: 29 States and 7 Union Territories Population: 1,210,569,573 (2011 Census)  Time Zone: (IST) GMT plus 5.30 hrs Area: 3,287,263 square kilometers
Geographical Location:  Between latitudes 8° 4′ and 37° 6′  North and longitudes 68° 7′ and 97° 25′ East
National Emblem:  An adaptation of the Lion Capital of Emperor Ashoka at Sarnath National Anthem: Jana Gana Mana  Official Languages: Hindi, English National Song: Vande Mataram
1. Varanasi – One of The Oldest Inhabited Places of the World
2. Lonar Lake in Maharashtra – Formed by a Meteor
3. India Firsts
A plethora of objects and concepts originated in India starting from the game of snakes and ladders to chess a.k.a Chaturanga, buttons, shampooing, the number pi, diamond mining, zero, algebra, trigonometry along with the finding of the presence of water on the moon. Now isn’t this an interesting fact about India, is it?
4. World’s Only Floating Post Office
5. Wettest Place on Earth – Mawsynram
6. The Only Country With a Bill of Rights for Cows
7. Poll Booth for Single Voter
8. Shani Shingnapur – Village Without Doors
9. Madhopatti – Officer’s Village of India
10. Tulsi Shyam – The hills that Defy Gravity
11. The Largest Number of Vegetarians in the World
12. The Highest Cricket Ground in the World
13. India is the Second  Largest English-speaking Nation
14. First Rocket of India Transported by a Cycle
15. World’s Largest Milk Producer
16. Indian National Kabaddi Team Has Won all World Cups
17. Kumbh Mela Gathering Visible from Space
18. The Himalayas Have 9 out of 10 World’s Highest Peaks
19. 300,000 Mosques in India
20. The Second Largest Network of Roads in the World
21. World’s Highest Rail Bridge
22. Bandra-Worli Sea Link Has steel Wires Equal to Earth’s Circumference
23. Benny Prasad: Fastest Man to Have Travelled Around the World in 6.5 years
24.  The Number of People Travelling in the Indian Railways Every Day is Equal to the Population of Australia