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Challenges in career of IAS

IAS officers face challenges because of various pushs and pulls involved in their job profiles. Both at union and state levels IAS officers authenticate the documents.therefore,they are liable in court of law.

My opinion, following challenges are faced by IAS officers

1.like other government officials, IAS officer is also rule bound. Our rules and regulations are numerous,old,complex. Many times, these rules pose biggest challenge.

2.according to present trends legilature, judiciary, media,civil society are transgessing executive field.therefore, Ambit of executive autonomy is going down.

3. IAS officers are professional managers. Many a times their professional advice scummed to pitty politics

4.Lobbying among IAS officers for prize postings also work as stumbling blocks for effective performance.

5.conflict of mindset between IAS officers and common citizens. Some IAS officers still carry over authoritarian attitude. With deepening of democracy, now people are more assertive

Despite of above challenges, if an IAS wish to work in public sprint, there is no as such any hurdle. There is security of tenure, constitution protection, arbitration regarding service conditions in CAT ..etc.