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Civil Services Coaching

Civil Services Coaching

Civil Services examination is termed as mother of all examination. This examination evaluates candidates’ Intelligence, Aptitude, Attitude, and Personality Knowledge. Therefore, to provide Civil Services Coaching is not an easy task.

R-PLATINUM Civil Services Coaching in Mukherjee Nagar Delhi has a very long experience of training candidates for Civil Services Examination. We take all students, at equal footing. First, we transfer knowledge to all students. Thereafter, we cater to specific needs of every student. Our objective is to help students to be on level required for Civil Services examination.

To Crack Civil Services Examination two essential qualities are needed within the students. These qualities are perseverance & patience.

R-PLATINUM Civil Services Coaching in Mukherjee Nagar Delhi better understands that a student cannot sustain perseverance & patience for long time.

Our Test & tutorials are aimed at providing students adequate feedback. With our, feedback & counseling, a student always has high motivation.

“Reading makes a person knowledgeable, writing makes efficient & discussion makes perfect.” This proverb is very meaningful for a student to have self Confidence.

Discussion on current affairs, interaction with teachers, seminars on burning issues are aimed at through preparation of Civil Services Examination preparation.

We have a team of Researchers who dedicate themselves to study materials and evaluation of answers of candidates. Also, students have personal sessions with experts to sort out their problem related to studies & personal life. 

When a candidate starts preparation for Civil Services, a natural question comes to the mind, whether to prepare first for preliminary or main. If Candidate looks at syllabus of General Studies, he will find that majority of topics given for General Studies Main examination syllabus are also parts of General Studies syllabus of preliminary examination.

Syllabus of General Studies for main examination is more exhaustive. Success of a candidate in preliminary examination when CSAT is qualifying depends upon performance in General Studies paper.