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Civil Services Preparation

Civil Services Preparation

Civil Services examination is a test of aptitude, achievement and personality. Essence of preparation is smart work with open mind.

If anybody sees, previous year questions of preliminary or main examination, one will come to know that innovative questions are asked at the both stages. Innovative questions mean that they are evolved questions, not straight forward questions.

UPSC asks its experts to frame questions by their own mind after taking UPSC syllabus into consideration. While framing questions, experts take into account both fundamentals and current issues. Thereafter, experts also provide model answer to these questions.

When a candidate starts his/her preparation, a natural question comes to the mind, whether she/he should prepare first preliminary or main. If Candidate looks at syllabus of General Studies, he/she will find that majority of topics given for General Studies Main examination syllabus are also parts of General Studies syllabus of preliminary examination.

Syllabus of General Studies for main examination is more exhaustive. Success of a candidate in preliminary examination when CSAT is qualifying depends upon performance in General Studies paper.

Preliminary examination is just a qualifying exam. Success of a candidate in Civil Service examination is depended upon performance is main examination. Also, in preparation of main examination, preparation of preliminary examination is implicit. Therefore, it is always advisable to a candidate to first prepare will the main General Studies.
For General Studies, a candidate should first focus on some fundamental books and take guidance of experts just to make fundamentals clear. For deep understanding, it is advisable to rely on one good book on that topic, rather than reading number of books. It is better to read one good book ten times, rather than reading ten books once.

Mental organizations of these essential fundamentals are very crucial to crack Civil Services examination. Mental organization will help the candidate to apply concepts in applied fields more comfortably.

In Civil Services examination, more and more questions asked in General Studies are applied in nature. Applied questions could only be answered with the help of Insight. Insight develops only with the help of sound fundamentals.

After sound fundamentals, candidate should also supplement is/her studies by good newspaper, magazine of Current Affairs and TV/Radio, internet news items. Doing studies in this manner, candidate will be more comfortable at both theory and practice, Now, General Studies is more predominant part of examination pattern. Role of optional subject is just only supportive. Optional subject is only at main examination.

A candidate has to take a smart decision to choose out optional subject for main examination. First important aspect of choosing an optional is candidate aptitude for the subject. Thereafter, candidate must look at syllabus, scoring pattern in the examination. Last, but not the least, Weightage of optional subject in General Studies. Civil Services examination is a competitive exam. Gulf between success and failure is minor. Therefore, candidate must take a right decision for Optional subject.

Last stage of Civil Services examination is Interview. Interview is just a conversation with the objective to know candidate’s personality and inner traits.
Members of Interview board are very cordial. They will nowhere let you feel uncomfortable; it is not a test of knowledge, but test of personality.
Lastly, in essence the main mantra for success in Civil Services examination is patience and smart work. If anybody possesses these abilities, success is bound to come.