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History (Optional Subject)

Fee –  30,000/-

Registration –  10,000/-


History has been one of the popular choices for Civil Services examination preparation. The most important characteristic of this subject is its syllabus. It motivates students to learn in a systematic and organized manner.
The biggest myth about History is that it is a very vast subject with huge syllabus. It is true to some extent, but it gets interesting with a strategic approach. Unlike other subjects, there are no new facts & updates in History due to which once prepared, the syllabus only requires revision and no new facts & updates.

History syllabus connects ancient India, with contemporary incidents, for example as it connects urbanization of Indus Valley Civilization and Magadhan empire to today’s smart city concepts.
History as an optional subject plays a vital role in both Prelims & Main examinations. In preliminary exam, out of 100 questions approximately 16-18 questions are from History (Art & Culture, Ancient India, Medieval India & Modern India). All these sections are completely covered in History syllabus, if one chooses it as an optional subject. In the Main examination, paper-I of GS covers approximately 60-75 marks of Art & Culture, Modern India & Contemporary world that are part of History optional syllabus.

History optional subject curriculum covers events till 1992. Contemporary India & contemporary world helps student understand various international relations’ issues such as cold war & India’s foreign policy from the core. It also helps to understand the condition of different countries with respect to their revolutions, like American revolution, French revolution etc.

A good strategy is required to score good marks in this subject. A scientific approach towards the subject is needed instead of traditional way of rote learning. Since, syllabus of the subject is static and certain, innovative and progressive approach is required to prepare History as an optional subject.

History optional subject examination is based on certain and defined syllabus and that is why it is easy to predict and prepare. Based on this, students can score good marks in History.
A student of any background may opt History as an optional subject. There is no requirement that those having background in History should opt this optional. The main requirement for this optional subject is scientific temper to grasp the subject.