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Public Administration (Optional Subject)

Fee –  30,000/-

Registration –  10,000/-


Public Administration since its inclusion as an optional subject in Civil Services Examination has been a popular subject.

Public Administration is a multidisciplinary subject. We find inputs of Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Law, Anthropology & Management.

The beauty of Public Administration is the availability of limited core concepts. A student has not to be perplexed with plethora of facts.

Interlinkages of topics is another speciality of Public Administration. In other words, once a student has mastered a concept, he/she can apply that concept in other parts of the syllabus.

For Public Administration, a student has just to refer 3-4 standard books which cover the whole syllabus. From the Institute student will get qualitative study material.
After the change in pattern of examination in 2013, Public Administration is the optional subject that covers maximally the syllabus of General Studies.

A student will have direct help from Public Administration in about 15 questions in preliminary examination.
In the Main examination, the second paper of General Studies excluding International Relations is part of Public Administration. In the third paper of General Studies, topics like Internal Security are directly related to Public Administration. In the fourth paper of General Studies, nearly fifty percent of the topics are related with Public Administration.

In the paper of essay which checks candidate’s ability of flow of ideas, coherence of ideas etc. the nature of Public Administration will be a helping tool the candidate in essay paper. Also topics of essay will also be related to Public Administration.

It has been a noticeable trend for Public Administration in UPSC examination, that a candidate is getting either good marks, or poor marks. A candidate gets good marks because of good understanding of the subject & ample awareness about recent developments. Lack of understanding, emphasis on rote learning, unaware about recent developments cause poor marks.

This optional subject is advisable to those candidates who rely on understanding & having good expression power. A candidate before opting any optional subject must be aware about his/her aptitude.