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General Studies (Pre + Main)

Duration : 8 Months

Fee – 67,500/-

Registration – 10,000/-

UPSC prescribes syllabus of General Studies for Civil Services that a graduate should know. As we look at the syllabus of General Studies, we find that it requires special preparation. General Studies requires planned and systematic studies of around one year for a candidate to become well versed with the syllabus. Success of the aspirant depends on how he/she gradually refines syllabus & provides current affairs updates.

Our General Studies Batch is aimed at developing the required aptitude for General Studies. With completion of the course, a student will be in a position to say that he/she is fully aware of the syllabus and is able to answer the questions in Preliminary & Main examination.

General Studies has dominance in Preliminary & Main examination. Most of the syllabus in Preliminary is also part of Main syllabus. Our this batch is aimed at holistic coverage of the syllabus so that a candidate can have an insight about General Studies.
The whole syllabus is divided into papers & each paper is divided into topics. This course covers the whole syllabus in a gradual manner. Our teaching style will be such as to evolve a better understanding of the whole syllabus of General Studies.

Any topic of General Studies is not in isolation. But are somehow interlinked with one another. Our experts impart knowledge in such a manner that a candidate could have better interrelations of all the topics.

The current developments of today is a part of the syllabus of General Studies. For this, a candidate will gradually receive current affairs related materials like facts, analyses & articles. Also, for this purpose we will arrange special classes on Current Affairs.

In this course, we will impart knowledge through class-room teaching. Our meticulously designed tests, will provide continuos feedback about the candidate’s level of preparation. In competitive examination preparation continuous feedback is needed to excel in the examination.

Last, but not the least, we act as a facilitator to students’ preparation for Civil Services examination. As a facilitator, we will do all our sincere endeavour for the success of the students.

General Studies (Pre + Main) Lecture Plan


World History (M) 15 Classes
Modern History (pre + Main) 20 Classes
Ancient & Medival History (Pre) 12 Classes
Art & Culture (Pre + Main) 8 Classes
Total Classes 55 Classes



World Geography (Pre + Main) 18 Classes
Indian Geography (Pre + Main) 18 Classes
Disaster Management (Main) 6 Classes
Ecology, Environment & Bio-diversity (Pre) 13 Classes
Total Classes 55 Classes


Constitution, Polity, Governance & International Relations

Indian Society & Related Issues (Main) 15 Classes
Constitution & Polity (Pre + Main) 30 Classes
Governance (Main) 15 Classes
International Relations (Main) 20 Classes
Total Classes 80 Classes



Basic Concepts 10 Classes
Syllabus (Pre + Main) 25 Classes
Science & Technology (Main) 20 Classes
General Science (Pre) 15 Classes
Social Justice (Main) 10 Classes
Internal Security (Main) 10 Classes
Total Classes 90 Classes


Ehics, Integrity & Aptitude (Main)

Social Interface 5 Classes
Philosophical thoughts 5 Classes
Psychological issues 10 Classes
Issues related with public service 10 Classes
Total Classes 30 Classes


Current Affairs

For Preliminary 15 Classes
For Main 20 Classes

Total Classes 355

Note :

Above Lectures plan is just tentative and the sequence of classes may vary. Above calculation is days Is on the basis of 2 hours classes. Number of Lectures & duration of classes may increase. Test Series will go on Continuously. Therefore course duration, that is 12 months, may slightly vary. Also, according to need student may have to attend two classes in a day. Usual classes schedule will be from Monday to Saturday.