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Global Talent Competitiveness Index – 2018

 Why in news

India was Ranked 81st among 118 countries in Global Index of Talent competitiveness list

India has improved its position from 92nd  last year.

With this fifth edition, the theme of Diversity for competitiveness.

About Index

  • Launched for the first time in 2013, the Global talent competitiveness Index is an annual bench marking report the measures the ability of countries to complete for talent.
  • The Index is produced by global business school INSEAD in partnership with Adecco group and tata communications.
  • World economic form has launched “The Global Competitiveness report 2017-2018 for the ninth consecutive year.
  • Index finds Switzerland to be the worlds most competitive economy narrowly ahead of united states and Singapore. Other 20 economics in the top 10 are Germany (5) UK(8) and Japan (9) Chine is the highest ranking amount the BRICS, Group of large emerging market maving up on the Rank to 27.

Highlights of Index

  • India has moved to the 81st position but remains a laggard among the BRICS nations. India was the 92nd position last year and 89 the place in 2016.
  • Among the five BRICS Countries China is at 43rd, Russia 53rd, South Africa 63rd and Razil 73rd.
  • Switzerland has topped the list. It is followed by Singapore and the US European countries dominate the top ranks with 15 Oct of the top 25 place.

For India

  • India has faces serious Risk of Worsening brain drain. In terms of Formal Education, India rank and in life long learning its ranks 37th. In terms of pool of Global knowledge skills (63rd) is solid compared with other emerging markets.
  • India has also plenty for improvement is in minimizing brain drain while achieving baring gain by luring back some of its talented diaspora members as it rank 98th the in the Attract pillar and in retaining own talent it rank 99th.
  • Global competitiveness Report” competitiveness ranking is based on the global competitiveness Index. which was Introduced by the world economic forum in 2005. Index tracks the Performance of close to 140 countries on 12 pillars of competitiveness.
  • This year editions highlights that ten years on from the global financial crisis, economics remain at risk from further shock and are illprepared for the next have of Innovation and automation.