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About the Institute

About Rplatinum IAS

R-Platinum IAS is a pool of country’s too Intellectuals, Academician, experts and experienced people from distinguished fields. They are masters in their respective fields. They are competent to train aspirants of civil services to perform their best at all levels of examination. All of our experts are of national repute and having national presence. They are proficient to impart knowledge to the aspirants. Their routine task includes conducting drill, skill building sessions. They dedicate their most of the time with students in classroom as well as through technological aid. They believe in the philosophy of holistic teaching as it is the need of changed scenario of the examination.

The teaching/training methodology adopted by our experts is focused towards the objective of information with involvement this approach would help the civil services aspirants to develops critical thinking and decision making approach as it is highly required for the public servants as well as a responsible citizen of the country. Another important aspect of out teaching/training programmes of our experts is how to execute their speaking, writing and critical thinking skill at the need of time.

The organization is very considerate for the talented candidates those have all the competence to crack the examination, but due to lack of opportunity they castigate to their fortune. Our ideology is quite liberal. We take care of all the students on equal footings. We take only that amount of contribution that is sufficient to pay our experts and maintain our core infrastructure. We are also in touch with renowned National and International Non Governmental Organization (NGOs) which provide assistance to different sections of students.

Quality teaching is our habit. We inculcate standard and in-depth information of the subject matter in perspective. The contents of the study material have been designed and developed according to the newly inducted syllabus for main examination.

We believe in the proverb – “Reading makes knowledgeable, writing makes efficient and discussion makes perfect “.

our experts conduct regular test just to develop writing skill. The institute also organizes regular interactive sessions by renowned retired and serving civil servants, journalists, academicians on burning national and International issues. Also our study material includes assignments that will be evaluated by our experts; we design out teaching so that holistic development of aspirants could take place.

Success of students is synonymous with students satisfaction. The institute keeps a strong faith in students satisfaction with the quality education. As we know the satisfaction is the highest level of confidence building aid. This is our motto. We do all out effort to achieve it.

Service is the need of time. We mean it. Therefore, all our the teaching aids in the form of contents, classroom teaching, individual decision, personality development – etc., are available for candidates who have been continuing, finished their programme. Even our distant learning programmes provides high quality materials, prepared by renowned experts panel, which has same value.

Teaching with expertise is also our hallmark . We provide teaching by experts in their respective areas. Our experts are, in general , having experience of more than 15 years in their respective fields. They have a very sound base in their respective area. Completion of our course within a time-frame is our commitment. Our quality speaks with our results.