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Our Approach

Being in the UPSC preparation you will be allow to you to use all your educational learning and managerial skills to the greatest possible extent.

Our aim is to equipped with the Best IAS preparation material in all parameter prescribed by UPSC Examination. With changing pattern of Civil services Examination we revise and modify our content along with our teaching accordingly. The R-Platinum IAS academy provide help all three kind of stages – prelims, Mains, Interview in both medium Hindi and English.

Along with Subject knowledge Civil services examination aims to test understanding writing and interpretation combined with moral and ethical standards, makes it one of the most challenging national level examinations. The IAS Academy emphasis is on “How to write & what to write?”, think decisively, analyze logically and act purposively.

Tests, an integral part of IAS Coaching Tests help you in three ways:

  • Self-discipline – induces a strong urge to study on a daily basis.
  • Self-evaluation – reviews where you stand at the end of the day.
  • Constructive comparison – shows where your peer group is positioned

The preparation for Civil Services Examination entails much more than the academic grasp of a subject. An ideal candidate, besides acquiring in-depth knowledge of General Studies & optional subject would also have to work upon building his logical reasoning, problem solving and writing skills along with developing cheerful and optimistic outlook towards life.