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Targeted Course for Essay

Coverage: complete course on Essay
Duration: 20 days

It is truly said, ability to write good essays is the hallmark of an IAS officer. Essay paper (250 marks) plays an important role in selection of candidates. Generally toppers score in excess of 150 marks in essays while average score is between 80 and 90. Essay paper alone can give an aspirant a lead of more than 50 marks from average competitors.

We spend a lot of time in memorizing facts and concepts from traditional subjects like History, Polity, Geography etc. but none of these by itself comprise 250 marks alone, instead they are asked in combination of each other. On the other hand the Essay paper itself has worth of 250 marks. And it requires no additional memorizing. What it requires is a better command over language and ample practice to write.

The best thing about the essay paper is that you don’t needs to read voluminous books to prepare for it. Only reading a few essays and practice of writing a few essays can prepare you for the paper. Writing good essays is an art which requires structured thinking and neat & clean presentation.

Our faculties at R-Platinum IAS help you in developing such structured thinking. Evaluation of an essay plays most important role in preparing for essays. And here we facilitate the same through the expert faculties.