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Targeted Course for Preliminary Examination

Coverage: Pre: GS + CSAT
Duration: 300 hours

The Targeted Course for preliminary exam is particularly suitable for people who have appeared for Civil Services Preliminary Examination at least once or have been preparing for the examination for at least 6 months on their own.

As Preliminary Examination requires a wide range of core/basic concepts and information to qualify in it, it becomes imperative that the students join a comprehensive course which filters most relevant concepts and information for them because there are plethora of books and information on different subject which tend to confuse students more.
We at R-Platinum IAS Institute design our course in such a manner that we first deliver core concepts and then add relevant current affairs related to those concepts. So all the basic books and NCERTs will be covered at first then advanced concepts and related current affairs will be delivered. We always follow step by step approach in our pedagogy. We believe strong foundation is a prerequisite to succeed in the examination.

Another area where we focus is development of problem solving approach among students. We have observed that students fail to answer questions even after knowing concepts and memorizing all the information required because they lack problem solving technique. We teach them tricks on how to solve problem by ways of right selection and proper elimination. To achieve this we discuss many past and probable future questions.

We also provide coverage of current affairs of past two year along with related concepts in this course.

Classes for qualifying CSAT are also provided along with this course. Aim of CSAT classes will only be to equip students to qualify the paper. No Extensive teaching for excellence in CSAT is required.