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Targeted Main Course – GS + Essay

Coverage: All 4 GS papers + Essay
Duration: 2.5 months approximately

This course is suitable for candidates who are sure of qualifying Preliminary Examination. Since there is break of only around 4 months after the Preliminary Examination, it leaves candidates with very limited time to orient themselves for the main examination. Also many times their preparation is incomplete or remains untested. Candidates must test their answer writing skills before actually appearing in the examination. Our classes at R-Platinum IAS Academy also help students in measuring their performance in comparison to other students who have also qualified the Preliminary Examination.

We at R-Platinum IAS Academy believe that since the candidate has already qualified the preliminary examination he must be having knowledge of most of the sections of GS-Mains so we focus mainly on those areas which are not covered by Prelims Syllabus like World History, Internal Security, GS Paper-IV, etc. Here the focus of the institute is heavily tilted towards developing answer writing skill of the student. We help students to develop understanding of the demands of the question. UPSC Question paper uses words like Discuss, Illustrate, Critically Examine, Comment, etc. for various questions; such words alter the nature of the question and students must understand the requirement of such question.

In recent years UPSC is asking questions in such a way that the question requires multi-disciplinary approach. We at R-Platinum IAS Academy help students in developing critical thinking which helps in answering questions which require multi-disciplinary approach.

We also give a lot of time for preparation of GS-Paper IV which is one such paper where the knowledge of the candidate is limited as they are generally not exposed to such paper before. GS-Paper IV is a very scoring paper and good marks in Paper IV is a critical factor for the selection of the candidate.

Mastery of Essay paper requires mastery of General Studies paper as the whole. A good essay can’t be written with limited knowledge and information. Essay also requires language skill which can only be developed by extensive writing and reading practices which is why reading editorial of various newspapers is recommended by all. Still if you get to write an essay on a topic on which you have already written once makes your task very easy. We at R-Platinum IAS Institute make students read a few model essays which help in writing essays on other topics as well. We also help them understand the requirements of introduction, body and conclusion of essays.