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Special Courses for Noth-East Students

Students of north-east states are talented & hardworking. They are basically from that geographical part where life is relatively simple & these people are more nearer to the nature. These people are adopted to their natural way of life.

The other side of the story is that these people have nearly 40% of our total population. However, their representation in Central Services is negligible.

Our this course is especially focussed upon the needs of north-east students. During this course, we will try to evolve interests of these students for Civil Services examination. Our qualitative teaching & timely coverage of syllabus will help these students to settle their career in Civil Services.

During training programme, we will facilitate interactions of these students to successful candidates of previous years from north-east region and to various cultural organisations working in Delhi for north-east students.

We are well equipped to handle the demands of these students. During course, we are not only concerned with qualitative teaching, but also with psychological and physical well being of the students. On the demands of the students, we will also arrange congenial accommodation for these students. Accommodation charges are not part of course fee.

Batches available

  1. General Studies Batch ( Click to know more )
  2. General Studies Foundation Batch ( Click to know more )
  3. Integrated Foundation Batch ( Click to know more )