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UPSC Coaching

UPSC Coaching

UPSC is the country’s premium examination conducting body. It conducts various examinations of which Civil Services examination is the most prestigious examination conduction by the Commission.

UPSC has a very large team of experts who are involved in the process of conducting examination. It has a very dedicated team of experts who do research before conducting examinations.

If one goes through questions of various examinations conducted by the UPSC, he/she will easily conclude that the questions are rarely repeated by the Commission. Also, questions of UPSC are not very easy to answer. Even if a question appears to be easy one must be careful enough otherwise they may get trapped into answering the question in wrong way.

R-PLATINUM UPSC Coaching has a distinction of providing expert guidance to IAS aspirants. We better understand questions of UPSC can be only answered with proper insight on the topic with updated knowledge of current affairs. We follow a teaching methodology which seeks to develop ability of students to interlink core concepts with current development.

UPSC requires candidates to answer the questions within words limit. It also expects that candidate should write enough contents within given words limit.

R-PLATINUM UPSC Coaching in Delhi gives emphasis on answer writing by the candidates along with imparting knowledge.

Logical thinking is an essence of UPSC examination. This habit is required at all stages of IAS Examination. With inclusion of ethics, integrity & aptitude paper, critical thinking has become more important.

R-PLATINUM UPSC Coaching in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi gives emphasis on personality development of the candidates. We believe knowledge, thinking, attitude etc. are part of personality.

Piecemeal approach does not pay at UPSC examination. To crack UPSC examination, one should always have holistic approach.

R-PLATINUM UPSC Coaching is dedicated to the cause of success of candidates. All experts have long experience of training of UPSC aspirants.